Thursday, January 31, 2008

Silk Palace by Colin Harvey

Welcome to Prince Casimiripian of the Karnacki Empire

1. What is the name of the book where we would meet you? What genre is it?

I feature in The Silk Palace, a fantasy.

2. Who wrote the book?

Colin Harvey

3. What do you think of the author? You can tell us the truth

I gather from his four-syllable name that Colinharvey is minor nobility; why an aristo should sully his hands with mere tale-telling is a mystery to me, but then much of your world is similarly strange.

4. Tell us a little about yourself. How would you describe your appearance? That's more than just really cute or drop dead gorgeous. Give us enough detail to get a clear idea of how you look.

I'm a full fathom high, with a fine mane of chestnut hair, worthy of my prize stallion (ha-ha!), well-muscled and with a rich baritone voice - I don't know why Bluestocking cannot see what a catch I would be.

5. What character are you in the book? Are you the hero, the best friend, the side kick, the hero and heroine's child or someone else?
I'm the man who is in unrequited love with the heroine; I don't know what I would do if she felt the same way about me - but she isn't prepared to be my mistress, and marrying her is out of the question - if nothing else. It would start a war between the Empire and Whiterock.

6. Is there a specific reason why you're in the story? Don't give us any story spoilers, but you can share some teasers if you want.

I suppose I am what you would call the catalyst. I offer her the protection of my entourage and my companionship on the journey to Whiterock, and my fiancee's jealousy of our closeness triggers the crisis that leads Bluestocking into danger.

7. Tell us about your hometown and your current home.

I was born in Ravlatt, the city of the Emerald Spires, capital of the Province of the same name. The Emperor is my uncle, so I suppose I am what you would call minor nobility. I am the Prince of Ravlatt, but have handed over to my younger brother in order to marry the Princess Cavi.

8. Tell us how your hometown or your current home effects you, the things you do and how you feel about life?
I have lived almost all my life in Ravlatt - it and I are one and the same. It takes its character from me, as I take mine from my Mother City. Life is to be lived to the fullest; I spend as much spare time in the country riding and hunting as I can, when I am not at court governing the city and state. When the winter weather is simply too harsh, we have the Mid-Winter Festival, in which the best woman singer is chosen to accompany me.

9. What special skills or abilities do you have?

I am semi-divine, as befits royalty. All my skills are special.

10. How do those affect your part in the story?

Because I am still adapting to the surroundings of my new home, for much of the story I am not able to take as full a role as I would like; but fortunately when the crisis looms, and it is time to march into battle, I am able to assist Bluestocking.

11. Are you happy with the story?
Not completely. I believe that I am pushed to one side for much of the book.

12. Do you have some ideas that the author should consider about the story? You can share them with us. We're all friends here.

I think that he should spend less time on lower-class people, and more time on we royal personages.

13. Tell us about your past. Can you share one really good experience and/or one really bad experience? I know that bad experience can be tough, but it would tell us more about what you've been through.
(Sigh) I find it very difficult to talk of such things. Leaving Ravlatt was like having a part of me ripped from my side. On the journey to Whiterock, I came to care for Bluestocking, which for a time was a wonderful feeling, but for her to throw my affection back into my face was doubly painful.

14. Who is the most important person in your life? Tell us about them.

I suppose that now it is the Princess Cavi, to whom I am engaged.

15. Is that person in the story we're talking about?
Yes - for the longest time she was Bluestocking's nemesis, but by the end of the story there is a sort of reconciliation. Sort of…

16. Do you have any children?

Not yet - but we will. The future of the Kingdom depends on that.

17. What do you see in your future?

Becoming Prince-Consort of a strategically vital ally to the Empire.

18. Do you think your author is going to write another story about you? Or, are you part of a series?

I can tell you now that he is not. The Silk Palace stands or falls alone.

19. Do you like being a character in a book?

Do not be so insolent. I am not simply a character in a book. I have allowed Harvey to tell a fragment of my story. I may allow someone else to do the same. I may not. But it is my decision.

20. If someone ever decides to make a movie based on your story, who should play you in the movie and why?

I think that Orlando Bloom could give an adequate reflection of me.

Its been great to talk with you. If you want to tell us anything else, feel free. Also, tell us about a website where we can learn more about you and where we can buy the book. If you have a picture of yourself, feel free to send it.

Harvey tells me that you can find out more at and he tells me that you can order the book at

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