Saturday, November 17, 2007

Late Night Sessions

1 - Tell us a bit about your book.

‘Late Night Sessions’ is a novel about love, healing and good music. It’s set around the West Midlands folk scene.

2 - Tell us about the best friend - gender, age, appearance, how they came to be with the hero or heroine and anything else we need to know about them.

Kirsten is a small, pixie woman, a very self possessed individual in her early twenties when we encounter her. She first meets Vicky, the heroine, through college. Kirsten advertises for someone to go to a folk festival with and Vicky responds. They hit it off almost instantly and end up as flat mates.

3 - Who does the "best friend" help in the book?

Kirsten helps Vicky intentionally when she can, but also creates a situation that forces the heroine to grown and develop.

4 - Does the best friend have a specific purpose in the book?

She’s a lot more than just a plot device and in terms of the story’s emotional content, she’s very significant indeed.

5 - How does your hero or heroine feel about the best friend?

There are unresolved things between Vicky and Kirsten, but Vicky’s emotions are predominantly love, and profound grief.

6 - How would your hero or heroine handle their problems or difficulties with the best friend?

Kirsten is an honorable person, but a touch bloody minded. She is seldom very tolerant of Vicky’s dithering and uncertainty, and not afraid to say the things Vicky needs to be told.

7 - Are there problems between the best friend and your main characters?

Only in that Kirsten is already dead when the story begins.

8 - Do you see the best friend ever having their own story?

No. Her story is fully played out within this book.

9 - Was the best friend inspired by anyone you know?

Yes. A very beautiful druid friend of mine announced some years ago that she didn’t know how long she had to live. Thankfully she’s still here, but I have borrowed a little from her in creating this character. Kirsten exists partly as a response to that shocking news and partly due to the loss of friends and family members in recent years.

10 - Is there anything else about the best friend that we need to know? Feel free to share.

Kirsten is an active druid, the first such character I’ve written.

11 - Please provide your website link.

12 - What is the link to buy your book?

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