Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Meet Laura Prince - From The Mind of A Genius


What is the name of the book where we would meet you? What genre is it?


The name of the book is, The Mind of a Genius, and it’s a mystery/spy fiction novel.

Question 2

Who wrote the book?


David Snowdon

Question 3

What do you think of the author? You can tell the truth.


He likes exciting stories, exciting plots and exciting characters.

Question 4

Tell us about yourself. How you describe your appearance? That’s more than just cute or drop dead gorgeous. Give us enough detail to get a clear idea of how you look.


I’m 46-years-old, blonde with blue eyes, slim and 5-foot-8.

Question 5

What character do you play in the book? Are you the hero, the best friend, the side kick, the hero and heroine’s child or someone else?


My name is Laura Prince, the wife of the famous British scientist, Malcolm Prince.

Question 6

Is there any specific reason why you’re in the story? Don’t give us any spoilers, but you can share some teasers if you want.


The author needed a sexy, female character to play the wife of the scientist. She had to be beautiful, intelligent and interesting. Thus, the character of Laura Prince was born.

Question 7

What time period do you live in?


The 21st century.

Question 8

Where are you from.


Brighton in England.

Question 9

Do you live in the same place now?


I don’t.

Question 10

Tell about your hometown and your current home.


Brighton in East Sussex is one of the most interesting seaside cities in Britain. It’s very cosmopolitan, with plenty of bars and restaurants, a vibrant night-life and also has a racecourse. I currently live in Richmond, in Surrey.

Question 11

Tell us how your hometown or current home effects you, the things you do and how you feel about life?


Richmond, my current home is very tranquil and I like it here. It’s good to get away from the hustle and bustle of Central London at times, and Richmond is an ideal hide-out, which is not too far from Central London. I like going to Richmond Park, which lies on the edge of the Thames, on a daily basis for a jog. Where I live has a calming effect on me and I feel good about life.

Question 12

What special skills or abilities do you have?


I’m a chartered secretary by profession.

Question 13

How do those affect your part in the story?


I needed every skill I possess to be able to deal with the kind of characters that I encountered in, The Mind of a Genius. I did have to deal with some very shady characters, but it was fun.

Question 14

Are you happy with the story?


I’m very happy with the story. I had a very good time, playing Laura Prince, the passionate wife of the scientist, and travelling to all of those exciting destinations. It was wonderful.

Question 16

Tell us about your past. Can you share one really good experience and/or one really bad experience? I know that bad experiences can be tough, but it would tell us more about what you’ve been through.


I was born in Brighton and came to London at the age of 21 after I finished my first degree. I married my first husband at the age of 26 and the marriage lasted for five years. I married my second husband at the age of 33 and that marriage lasted for seven years. Malcolm Prince was my third husband. The day I married my first husband was a memorable day. And it’s still very fresh in my mind.

Question 17

Who is the most important person in your life? Tell us about them.


My mother is the most important person in my life. She still lives in Brighton, and she’s a retired accountant. My father passed away eight years ago.

Question 18

Is that person in the story we’re talking about?


She isn’t

Question 19

How does that person impact you and your life?


The good breeding I received from my parents as a child has made me the person I am today.

Question 20

Do you have any children?



Question 21

What do you see in your future?


The author might use me again. But that remains to be seen.

Question 22

Do you think the author is going to write another story about you? Or, are you part of a series?


You never know. He might decide to use my character again in the sequel.

Question 23

Do you like being a character in the book?


Yes, it was fun playing Laura Prince, the wife of the scientist.

Question 24

If someone ever decides to make a movie based on your story, who should play you in the movie and why?


I haven’t really thought about that. But I’m sure that there are many good actresses, who can play the part.

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  3. FYI!!! One of my blog readers thought the "interviews" were good too. See the comment on my posting http://misterreereeder.blogspot.com/2009/02/followup-vbt-mind-of-genius.html.