Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Meet Captain Jack Hunking from The White Hare's Lament

What’s his name?

Captain Jack Hunking

Why did you pick that name?

Hunking is family name – on my maternal grandmother’s side, and there were a few Jacks as well, so it seemed resonant to me. Also, it’s very much a name from the south west of England, which suited the story.

How does he look?

His appearance changed dramatically through the story, depending on how well he is, how mad. When clean, well fed and on top of his life, Jack is a rather ordinary middle aged, middle class man. You wouldn’t give him a second look. Wild in battle he’s a totally different figure – intense, dangerous and uncompromising. Put him in a wild place, and he is a far less imposing but much more rooted soul

Is there anything unusual about his appearance?

There’s a large scar on one of his thighs, from shrapnel damage.

Who does he love? Why?

Jack isn’t good at love, he doesn’t really understand it and it takes him a long time to make that connection with someone.

Does this person love him?

In her own peculiar way, yes.

Tell us about his family. Are they important to him?

Guile left his family to train as a musician. He went to Tirol as an apprentice when very young, and considers the trio to be his family.

Where is he from?

He grew up in a village in the Midlands.

Does his hometown affect his behaviour, thoughts and attitude?

He has all the prejudices and anxieties that go with such a background.

What does he want out of life?

When the story opens, Jack has lost all sense of himself and wants nothing more than to be sane and functional again. Beyond that he does not know, nor has he ever had much idea.

What’s his biggest secret?

The one he cannot remember, the one that drove him out of his wits in the first place.

Did you write more than one story about him?

No. This is a standalone book.

How would he describe you?


Is there anything about your hero we need to know?

There’s a fair amount of ambiguity in the story, so how you understand the character probably depends a lot on your world view, and whether you interpret the tale as being about madness, or fantasy.

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