Saturday, May 31, 2008

Jim Musgrave Talks About His Bad Guys

Do you prefer bad guys or bad gals?
I prefer bad guys, as through research I've discovered there are simply more of them, especially the more heinous types--my favorite variety of bad guy!

How do you use your bad guys?
In my novel, Russian Wolves, the worst guy is named and patterned after real-life serial killer, Andrei Romanovich Chikatilo, the Rostov Slayer. However, the fictional detective who hunts him also gets drawn over to the "dark side," which makes this novel a totally "bad guy work," giving it an especially creepy quality.
In my horror novel, Lucifer's Wedding, I chose the perpetual bad guy, and in my political thriller, Sins of Darkness, I chose a collection of bad guys who make up a brainwashing group that programs Sirhan Bishara Sirhan to kill Robert F. Kennedy in 1968.

Do you enjoy writing the bad guys or do you find it difficult?
Because I "cut my reading teeth" on authors such as Thomas Harris (Silence of the Lambs), I learned that writing about bad guys was a talent unto itself. When one reader I did not know said that my Chikatilo was the "most depraved and horrible character she had ever read about," I knew I was on the right track.

Whether you enjoy writing them or hate writing them, we'd like to know why you feel that way?
I enjoy writing about them because I am very Freudian, and I believe we have a secret "death wish." Bad guys just fascinate our inner cravings.

Who is your favorite bad guy in any of your books? Which bad guy and which book are they in?
Andrei Chikatilo is my favorite because I like to think I gave him "redeeming qualities" that he lacked in his real life's history. Isn't this what made Dr. Hannibal Lecter so appealing?

Who is your favorite fictional bad guy -- that's not in your books?
Dr. Lecter.

Is there anything else about your bad guys that we need to know? Feel free to share.
My bad guys have a dark sense of humor (what else?).

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