Sunday, March 29, 2009

Quantum Earth by Julie Achterhoff

1. In my new novel, Quantum Earth, the bad guy is Beckham, an uber-rich man who is financially backing my team of metaphysical scientists. He pulls the strings. He wants them to save the Earth from destruction in the form of increased natural disasters that are becoming so much more frequent and deadly. Beckham is lead by his spirit guide, Seta, who, in his last incarnation, was a scientist doing evil deeds for Hitler. His motivation is saving the world so he can live again and do more evil.
2. I really love both, but the thing about bad guys is that you can get in touch with your bad self, which can be a lot of fun.
3. I use bad guys to contrast with the good guys. Of course nobody's all good or all bad. But I love setting them up against one another in a scene. They can really drive a plot!
4. It's a bit difficult for me not to just copy other bad guys. I think my bad guys are probably some combination of that since I have no real life experience with true bad guys.
5. I just don't have any real experience with people like murderers or rapists except what I've read or seen in movies.
6. I think Seta from Quantum Earth is my favorite. He is on "the other side" but still has power on Earth. He's a very scary persona.
7. Hannibal Lector has got to be the ultimate bad guy for me. Ho oozes evil in every pore.
9. Quantum Earth will be available sometime at the the end of March at

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