Sunday, August 23, 2009

Meet the Hero From Dream King

1. What is the name of the book where we would meet you? What genre is it?

I met my writer,Tara during one of my notrual journeys. This meeting lead to my adventure in THE DREAM KING. The story is a paranormal time travel adventure.

2. Who wrote the book?

My writer is Tara Newlands, an interesting cute woman from Arizona.

3. What do you think of the author? You can tell us the truth.

I think she’s a funny, clever, if not a bit strange woman who loves pizza and something called Cheeios. Mmmm, I don’t eat them myself. But, she seems to think they’re great. LOL

4. Tell us a little about yourself. How would you describe your appearance? That's more than just really cute or drop dead gorgeous. Give us enough detail to get a clear idea of how you look.

Well, I’m a good looking guy. I really don’t think about my looks much, I like keeping in shape because I never know when I might be called on to slay a dragon. I’m 6’1, broad shouldered, lean but, not thin. Amanda, my help mate says I have got the more beautiful green eyes. It’s funny I never thought of my eyes has beautiful.

5. What character are you in the book? Are you the hero, the best friend, the side kick, the hero and heroine's child or someone else?

I’m the hero of the Dream King.

6. Is there a specific reason why you're in the story? Don't give us any story spoilers, but you can share some teasers if you want.

My former lover, Amanda disappeared after a rouge mage stole her from me. I’ve fought tooth and nail to find her.

7. What time period do you live in?

Well, I’m over 150 years old. I’ve lived in New York most of my life and currently I have a house in Phoenix, Arizona.

8. Where are you from? I was born in Long Island, New York.

9. Do you live in the same place now?

I still have my colonial outside New York City.

12. What special skills or abilities do you have?

I am a master magus gifted and skilled in mental persuasion, telepathy, shape shifting, etc.

13. How do those affect your part in the story?

My gifts aided me in the protection of the people I love.

14. Are you happy with the story?

Yes, I think that Tara did a great job presenting my story.

16. Tell us about your past. Can you share one really good experience and/or one really bad experience? I know that bad experience can be tough, but it would tell us more about what you've been through.
I think the worst day of my life was the day Jonathan stole Amanda from me. I felt like I failed to protect them both. He was my friend, I should have told him how Amanda made me feel. It might have spared all of us a great deal of pain.

17. Who is the most important person in your life? Tell us about them.
Amanda is the important person in my life. In the 150 plus years I’ve been there. I’ve seen the best and worst that humankind has had to offer. Amanda grounds me.

19. How does that person impact you and your life?

She’s bought so much joy and happiness to my life. I’m grateful to have met her.
20. Do you have any children?

21. If you do, tell us about them. If you don't have any children, you can tell us why not - but, only if you want to tell us.

It’s not that we don’t want them. We’re happily working on correcting that now. LOL

22. What do you see in your future?

I’ve working to develop the skills of my students because the world as great need for them. I’ve been given unsettling news after future events that could affect the whole life and my students and I must be ready to face them.

23. Do you think your author is going to write another story about you? Or, are you part of a series?

My story in the first in a series about my people and our leaders.

24. Do you like being a character in a book?

Yes, I like the thought of someone sharing in the life I’ve had and learning about my people.

25. If someone ever decides to make a movie based on your story, who should play you in the movie and why?

Possibly, Clive Owen because he was really classy in the movie ‘Sin City.’ He reminded me of the lengths I’d go to protecting the people I love.

Its been great to talk with you. If you want to tell us anything else, feel free. Also, tell us about a website where we can learn more about you and where we can buy the book.

My story is available now at Red Rose publishing at and will be available at shortly. My writer, Tara is available to chat with at , also at and

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