Monday, September 10, 2007

Sara from Lady Lightkeeper by Nikki Leigh

This is an unscheduled stop on my virtual tour. I scheduled my entire tour without planning to visit any of my own book promotion blogs. That was because I created these blogs after the tour was planned. So, I decided that I would drop by today to tell you about the best friend in Widow's Walk and Lady Lightkeeper. I hope you enjoy. I will also include this stop in the book giveaway. Post a comment and you will be entered in the drawing for a free copy of Lady Lightkeeper.

1 - Tell us a bit about your book.
I’ll include the back cover blurb for the first and second book in the series to set the stage for this book.

Widow’s Walk – Misty Cove Chronicles, Book One

First in a series of three. Days before her wedding, in October 1841, Lizbeth climbs to the widows walk atop her home, with her fiancé. They search the dark and stormy horizon for her father's fishing boat and Lizbeth notices the darkened lighthouse on the point.
In such a violent storm, her father and the other men from Misty Cove need the lighthouse to guide their boats safely into harbor. In the morning and the lighthouse lamps shine out, but it's too late. Death had come in the stormy night and the community is devastated by loss. Is love enough for Lizbeth to overcome the needless death of her father?
Mourning and an investigation into the light's failure delay the wedding. When, at last, Lizbeth and William pledge their love, will they find happiness?

Lady Lightkeeper – Misty Cove Chronicles, Book Two

Lizbeth's happy world is turned upside down. Can she move ahead with her life? Lizbeth keeps an almost obsessive vigil from the lighthouse catwalk. She must find a way to help her children.

Friends help her realize she can help the townspeople and move her life ahead. The assistant light keeper helps her learn the ropes of her new job. He is a secretive man. Is he hiding a dark secret or a lifetime of hurt?

Lizbeth's children grow up in a time and place where death and loss are prevalent. Can Lizbeth draw on her disappointments and help them understand and cope?

2 - Tell us about the best friend - gender, age, appearance, how they came to be
with the hero or heroine and anything else we need to know about them.

Sara is the best friend. She was hired about 15 years earlier to live in with Lizbeth and her father. Captain Sullivan brought Sara to the house to care for his young daughter while his fishing boat was at sea. (This backstory will be in a short story I hope to release before November 2007. There will be news about the story on my website. The tentative title is A Whisper on the Waves.)

Sara is in her late 40’s – early 50’s in Lady Lightkeeper. She’s proud of her Portuguese heritage and it is apparent in her appearance. She has long dark hair, an olive complexion and she is a tall woman. Sara is a very loyal person and she cares very much about Lizbeth and her family.

3 - Who does the "best friend" help in the book?
Sara helps Lizbeth and is her greatest supporter. However, she is also very helpful with Lizbeth’s children – Aidan and Marta.

4 - Does the best friend have a specific purpose in the book?
Sara is in the story as the former caretaker for Lizbeth when she was much younger. She’s a housekeeper and friend of Lizbeth, the main character. In Widow’s Walk she devoted all her time to help the family, but I gave her some story elements of her own in this book and she even has a boyfriend.

5 - How does your hero or heroine feel about the best friend?Lizbeth loves Sara like a mother. Lizbeth lost her mother when she was very young and Sara took care of her for over 15 years. They have a very strong bond, but it is tested within the pages of Lady Lightkeeper.

6 - How would your hero or heroine handle problems or difficulties with the best friend?This actually happens in the book. A long hidden secret is revealed to the town gossip. This woman mistreats Lizbeth at every opportunity and she loves to harass Sara – so getting word of a big secret is bad news for my heroine and her best friend. I can’t tell you how they handle it, because it gives a lot away.

7 - Are there problems between the best friend and your main characters?Only problems caused by Ida – the villain. But, she really stirs up some big trust issues.

8 - Do you see the best friend ever having their own story?Sara will have a short story of her own. She might get more exposure in the future that depends on reader feedback for A Whisper on the Waves.

9 - Was the best friend inspired by anyone you know?
I hadn’t really thought about this, but I have an aunt and a good friend who didn’t raise me, but they have always been there to support me. Sara doesn’t have any physical or personality traits like these two women, but their presence in my life could’ve inspired her character in some ways.

10 - Is there anything else about the best friend that we need to know? Feel free to share. The only thing I can think of is the fact that the story would be very different without her. She contributes a lot to the story and means a lot to Lizbeth and her family. It simply wouldn’t be the same without her. She’s also been a great character to write.

11 - Please provide your website link.

12 - What is the link to buy your book?
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  1. I love the settings and the descriptions of the surroundings that Nikki places her characters. One can imagine themselves actually there and that is the point of great writing. Gorgeous imagery appears on the cover, but the imagery inside is even more remarkable. The samples show the great story within.

  2. Thank you Nick :) I work hard to make the setting and history authentic and I want the reader to feel like they are "in the story". I'm glad that came through to you :) The first chapter of each of my books are on my website so that people can get a feel for my writing style, but I can tell you, plenty of lighthouses info and history :)

    Nikki Leigh

  3. You know I'm already partial to the setting of this series. Like Nick mentioned, the covers are out of this world.

    Sara certainly seems like an interesting character. I'll be looking out for her short story.

    Best of luck with the rest of your tour.

    Cheryl M.

  4. Sara has been great and she's a very special and caring woman. A series is great since it gives a great chance to really get to know the characters, the setting etc. The short story about Sara will be a nice intro for the series - at least that's my hope :)

    Nikki Leigh